Workshop Flow

A description of how Smart Kitty workshop is conducted.

This programme consist of 2 workshops. 1 for student leaders and 1 for the rest of the cohort. A financial literacy talk will be conducted before the game.

Facilitators’ Event rundown (1hr)
1) Student Facilitators arrive at school venue (To be advise by school)
2) Trainer proceeds with Smart Kitty introduction and objectives
3) Student Facilitators to proceed with hands on session for Smart Kitty game
4) Trainer to advise roles and responsibilities of Student Facilitators on actual day
5) Q&A
6) End

Actual Event Rundown (1.5hrs)
1) Students arrive in school hall
2) Teacher to intro trainer
3) Trainer proceeds with financial literacy talk, game introduction and objectives
4) Trainer instructs assigned group leader to collect iPads
5) Students proceeds to break up in to their groups
6) Facilitators to man their booths
7) Group leader to return iPads
8) Trainer proceeds with debrief

Logistics and arrangement for Actual Workshop
1) Students to be gathered in school hall
2) Teachers to help preset students in groups of 5 before the workshop
3) Media logistics requirement, 1 mic and a projector with VGA input


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