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About SmartCo

We are an education company that imparts values to future-proof one's financial well-being through fun and engaging content.

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Financial literacy School Programme in Singapore

We specialise in Financial Literacy Programmes for Singapore Schools

Our financial literacy programmes are designed for Upper Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schools in Singapore. We encapsulate relevant, up-to-date current affairs that students will encounter at different stages of their life. Students are empowered to navigate their career pathways and lifelong learning opportunities in a safe learning environment.

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Authentic Learning

We strive to help students develop the skills and values that they will need for life. Our learning materials are designed with consultation from educators and schools to promote authentic learning through proven foundational learning theories.

We want students to become a self-directed learner who thinks independently and critically while having fun!

Consultation with principal and teachers

A Proven Concept in Singapore

Since 2017, we have conducted workshops for more than 100 Singapore schools and helped more than 50,000 students improve their financial well-being. Our survey data provide evidence that our workshop help students inculcate the right values during their growing up phase.

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