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Smart Money Online

Level up your financial literacy skills with interactive e-learning.

Embark on a thrilling journey to financial mastery with our gamified e-learning platform. Learn through fun games and quizzes that make mastering financial literacy engaging and enjoyable. Track your progress, challenge yourself, and celebrate each achievement on the path to be money savvy, future-ready!

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Financial Literacy e-learning

Financial Literacy E-Learning

Empower your classroom with Smart Money Online, a web-based financial literacy e-learning platform that is designed for seamless integration into self-directed and flipped learning environments.

Teachers, elevate your financial education curriculum by incorporating our engaging gamified experience. Transform traditional lessons into self-directed activities that captivate students' interest and facilitate comprehensive understanding. Whether in the classroom or during home-based learning, our platform provides a versatile tool to enhance financial literacy education.

Financial Literacy Edutainment


Discover the transformative power of learning through edutainment. Our platform seamlessly blends education and entertainment, creating an immersive experience that enriches learning. Infusing interactive games and quizzes into the learning content enhances retention and makes financial literacy more approachable. Edutainment isn't just about having fun; it's a proven method to foster a deeper understanding of key concepts.

Student Engagement

With features like Leaderboards, Badges, Visible Progress Tracking, and Interactive Exercises, we've crafted an environment that captivates students and actively contributes to their educational growth.

Imagine a classroom where healthy competition on the Leaderboard sparks enthusiasm, earning Badges becomes a tangible acknowledgement of achievement, and Visible Progress Tracking transforms learning into a personal journey of success. Our interactive exercises are gateways to understanding, turning lessons into memorable experiences.

By fostering student engagement through these innovative elements, we don't just make learning more enjoyable – we make it more effective.

Student Engagement

Learning Outcome

You will learn to:

e-learning module - income

Grow your active and passive income to earn more money.

Create a budget to allocate your income efficiently and avoid overspending.

Build an emergency fund to cover your expenses in times of need.

e-learning module - expenses

Prioritise your needs and wants.

Resist the temptation to buy and control your spending habits.

Make every dollar count but do not be penny wise, pound foolish.

Financial Literacy Book

The learning concepts in our school workshops are based on the Financial Literacy Book, Take Charge: be Money Smart in 7 Steps. We hope our workshop will encourage your students to take charge of their finances and career pathway. We want them to increase their income potential, improve the way they make financial decisions, safeguard their future, and develop life goals to long-lasting happiness.

Money savvy, future-ready!

Financial Literacy Book
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Love for Learning

Ready to transform your classroom into a hub of engaged learners? Embark on this educational adventure with us! To explore how our platform can revolutionise your teaching environment, email us today! Let's create a dynamic and interactive learning space that fosters not just knowledge but a genuine love for learning.


SmartCo is an education company that imparts values to future-proof one's financial and mental well-being through fun and engaging content.