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We create memorable learning experiences through the products we design. Forging dynamic, digital, and hands-on learning that are tailored, flexible and relevant for the 21st century learner.

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Leading the way in educational technology. An innovative educational technology startup, SmartCo delivers powerful, proven performance that you can trust.

L Cube

L Cube is a board game that teaches the importance of Life Long Learning. This board game provides students with a window to the world...

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EduCity Adventure

EduCity Adventure is an educational mobile app that helps students learn about healthy eating and cybersecurity and more. The app is designed to hone critical...

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Smart Kitty

Smart Kitty incorporates animated augmented reality to its content. Capturing the attention of users in today’s dynamic and digital age. Bridging the gap between the virtual...

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Brain Fried

A side project initiated by SmartCo, Brain Fried uses the primary school Maths syllabus to create multiple mini-games that will twist your mind and train...

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