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An Industry Partnership between Temasek Polytechnic and SmartCo to advocate Financial Literacy.

Financial Literacy Partnership Financial Literacy Industry Partnership Financial Literacy Singapore Partnership
An Industry Partnership to advocate Financial Literacy in Singapore

Promoting Financial Literacy through Industry Partnership and Collaboration

TPsmart is an industry partnership conceived to advance the national agenda of promoting financial literacy amongst secondary school students in Singapore. SmartCo manages the operation and provides the technology to run the school workshops, while Temasek Polytechnic provides the academic framework for the curriculum and facilitates the workshop.

Dr Koh Noi Keng's brainchild and strong foundational curriculum framework on financial literacy gave rise to this programme, supported by HSBC and implemented by TP. She clinched the HSBC Grant for this meaningful project and worked hand in hand with the dynamic team from polytechnic to empower TP students in this meaningful outreach while honing their leadership skills.

Financial Literacy Partnership & Collaboration - 1
Financial Literacy Partnership & Collaboration - 2
Financial Literacy Partnership & Collaboration - 3
Financial Literacy Partnership & Collaboration - 4

Financial Literacy Collaboration with partners

Partnership - LEAP
Leadership: Essential Attributes & Practice (LEAP)

TPsmart programme is a LEAP 2 Module for TP students. This subject focuses on leading others and enhancing team effectiveness. Students learnt to adopt a Win-Win approach when making decisions, develop empathic listening skills, bring out the positive team synergy and understand how to manage one’s finances, which affects interpersonal relationships.

LEAP is Temasek Polytechnic’s 3-year leadership and character development programme for all TP students. Since its inception in 1997, the LEAP programme uses leadership principles as the framework to enable TP students to develop leadership skills that embrace values as the core foundation for their credibility and influence.

Service, Enrichment, Achievement and Leadership (SEAL)

TP students earn SEALS points when leading and facilitating financial literacy workshops for secondary schools.

SEAL points can be added to the student's university application to display leadership qualities and holistic capabilities. Each year the total points scored will be recorded in the SEAL system. The points will culminate into a final year grade at the end of three years of CCA involvement.

Partnership - SEAL

Roles and Responsibilities in this Collaboration

On-Campus Workshop
On-campus: Advanced Elective Modules (AEM)

Secondary school students attend AEM: Digital Tools for Accounting and Investment in TP to learn financial concepts such as the potential of the company and profit measures. TP students conduct learning sessions as part of the module, using SmartCo's proprietary learning materials to teach investment and accountability.

Free Financial Literacy Workshop

Off-campus: HSBC TPsmart Workshop

HSBC TPsmart Workshop is a financial literacy programme for Secondary Schools. TP students visit different schools in Singapore to facilitate the workshop and share their know-how to make better financial decisions.


HSBC TPsmart Workshop is fully funded by HSBC and Temasek Polytechnic for all Secondary School in Singapore.

School teachers can contact us using the link below to find out how this free financial literacy programme benefit your students.

Personal Development

Through this partnership and collaboration, TP students will develop skills for the future workplace and become compassionate leaders with a heart for others.

TPsmart - Partnership and collaboration to advocate Financial Literacy

Partnership: Personal Development Leadership

Classroom management during the workshop

Partnership: Personal Development Public Speaking
Public Speaking

Conduct briefing and debriefing for the class

Partnership: Personal Development Empathic Listening
Empathic Listening

Interaction with students

Partnership: Personal Development Problem Solving
Problem Solving

Handle unexpected mishaps during the workshop

Partnership: Personal Development Teamwork

Work diligently and efficiently in a team

Partnership: Personal Development Time Management
Time Management

Start on time and manage the schedule to avoid overrun

Temasek Polytechnic Student
"TPsmart programme enabled me to better understand how to manage my money in terms of learning how to save money, responsibly borrow money, be it for studies or for starting a business, how and why to invest and plan for retirement and why insurance is important."

- Soh Shi En, TP student, Vice President of the Accountancy & Finance Interest Group

Temasek Polytechnic Students - Group Photo

We would like to invite TP business students interested in making a positive difference in the community to join this industry partnership!

Temasek Polytechnic

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SmartCo is an education company that imparts values to future-proof one's financial and mental well-being through fun and engaging content.