EduCity Adventure

EduCity Adventure is an educational mobile app that helps students learn about healthy eating and cybersecurity and more.

The app is designed to hone critical and inventive thinking skills. Challenges in the game encourage students to be experimental and make responsible decisions independently. Some learning themes include:

In conjunction with MOE’s 21st century competencies, where our content and structure of the game are built upon, EduCity Adventure imparts knowledge and skills underpinned by positive social and emotional values to students.

Students start the Adventure as a New Citizen in the city. They can do quizzes (Schools will be able to customise these questions. i.e maths, science, etc.) to increase their experience point and take on jobs at the Career Centre to earn money. Students decide how they want to spend their earnings. They can choose to save, spend or invest in their own startup.

EduCity Adventure is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is suitable for all ages.


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