Smart Kitty

Smart Kitty incorporates animated augmented reality to its content. Capturing the attention of users in today’s dynamic and digital age.

Bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, students experience shopping of the future. Smart Kitty aims to change the way users see, imagine, and learn about financial literacy. Smart Kitty can be played in classrooms or as a trail i.e. using the whole school as a playground or during outdoor events.

Players will first have to answer questions (Schools will be able to customise these questions. i.e maths, science, etc.) to earn money and then use that money to complete given tasks.

The learning objective includes budgeting, healthy eating, taking charge of one’s finances and needs vs wants. These learning objectives will allow pupils to attain specific knowledge in financial literacy concepts and the understanding of a balanced diet.

Smart Kitty is suitable from age 7 onwards.


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