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Learning Outcome

Our workshop encapsulates relevant, up-to-date current affairs that students will encounter at different stages of their life. We empower students to navigate their career pathways and lifelong learning opportunities in a safe learning environment.

Education and career pathways

Education and career pathways

Understand the relationship between education and career choices.

Experience how career choices can impact their income potential.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning

Learn how lifelong learning can protect their financial well-being.

Experience how lifelong learning can improve their career progression.

Financial literacy - Money management skills

Money management skills

Make smart money choices in an authentic learning space.

Identify needs and wants.*

Financial literacy - Financial planning

Financial planning

Experience financial needs at various life stages.

Manage loans in a simulated environment.

Financial literacy - Investment know-how

Investment know-how**

Learn about investment objectives and the power of compounding.

Experience investment scams in a safe learning environment.

* Smart Money Workshop (Foundation)
** Smart Money Workshop (Basic & Pro)

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