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National Cashflow Competition 2024

Financial literacy competition organised by NTU IIC and SmartCo.

Financial Literacy Competition Financial Literacy Competition Financial Literacy Competition
Financial literacy competition

The National CashFlow Competition (NCF) is a non-profit nationwide event that aims to promote financial literacy with an element of fun through the use of a financial board game. Pit yourselves against your peers and gain deeper insights into the various aspects of finance in the context of Singapore!

This year's competition delves into Sustainable Finance, highlighting a focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. Through the integration of ESG into decision-making, we can create a positive impact on both society and the planet.

ESG - Environmental


ESG - Social


ESG - Governance



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Win amazing prizes

National CashFlow Competition 2024 is open to secondary and tertiary students in Singapore. We have two categories: Category A for Secondary school students and Category B for Junior College, Polytechnic, ITE and University students. Prizes include iPad Air, Apple Watch Series 9 and AirPods (3nd Gen).

Calendar of Event

Regional Cashflow Challenge (RCF) are non-compulsory training sessions held across different regions in Singapore, prior to NCF. These sessions will be beneficiary to the participants as they will get to know more about the game before NCF commences.

[RCF South] Outram Sec

15 Feb, 3.00 - 5.00pm (Thu)

[RCF East] St Anthony Canossian Sec

22 Feb, 2.30 - 4.30pm (Thu)

[RCF North] Naval Base Sec

23 Feb, 2.30 - 4.30pm (Fri)

[RCF West] The Hive, NTU

1 Mar, 2.30 - 4.30pm (Fri)

[RCF Central] Holy Innocents' Sec

4 Mar, 2.30 - 4.30pm (Mon)

[NCF 2024] Gaia, NTU

9 Mar, 9.00am - 6.00pm (Sat)

L Cube Pro

L Cube is a board game that teaches financial literacy and the importance of Life Long Learning. This board game provides you with a window to the world of work by introducing Education and Career pathways, Economic literacy concepts, Income Tax, retirement funds etc. The experiential learning also takes you through the impact of the different economic cycles. The Pro version of this board game focus on budgeting and managing your cash flow.

L Cube Pro

* Gameplay is supported by our proprietary mobile application.

Key Features

Be experimental while learning important values and having fun!

Financial Literacy

Economic cycle

Tracking the cycle helps us forecast the direction of the economy.

Financial Literacy


Influence the macroeconomics of an industry to your advantage.

Financial Literacy


Business profit fluctuates. Manage your debts to avoid bankruptcy.

Financial Literacy


Allocate your budget to achieve your life goals.

Financial Literacy

Take Over*

You can take over another player's business if certain conditions are met.

Financial Literacy


Is inflation a friend or foe?

* Hint: You can use these features to gain an advantage or sabotage another player. All is fair in this game!

How to Win

The winner of the table with the highest team score is the winner of the competition. The winner of the table with the second highest team score is runner-up. And so on. There is only one winner per table.

National Cashflow Competition Winner

This team has the highest team score and Ann has the highest personal score in this team. Ann is the winner of the competition.

National Cashflow Competition Runner-up

This team has the second highest team score and Brad has the highest personal score in this team. Brad is the runner-up of the competition even though his personal score is higher than Ann.

National Cashflow Competition Second Runner-up

This team has the third highest team score and Chris has the highest personal score in this team. Chris is the second runner-up of the competition. Cat did not win anything even though her personal score is higher than Brad.

  1. Score = happiness x assets / number of rounds
  2. Team Score = average score of the team
  3. Assets is calculated based on the value during the Recovery Phase.

Only one can emerge as the winner from your team. The choice is yours: strategically sabotage your teammates to secure the top spot and risk losing over the team score, or collaborate with your teammates and risk someone overtaking you in the last lap. What path will you choose?

Important Hint

Achieve your life goals to gain a competitive edge and triumph over fellow players in the game!

Financial Literacy

Green Hero

Upgrade a business once, own sustainability bonds and at least $5,000 worth of stocks with an ESG rating of A or B.

Land on the Business tile to purchase or upgrade your business. Scan the 'Upgrade Business' opportunity card to upgrade your business. You must own that business at the end of the game. Scan the 'Stocks' and 'Bonds' opportunity card to invest.

Financial Literacy

Happy Family

Start a family with one children and own a house.

Land on the Life tile to trigger life events. Scan the 'Property' opportunity card to purchase a house.

Financial Literacy

High Life

Go on a holiday at least once, own a private property and a sports car.

Scan the 'Holiday', 'Property' and 'Car' opportunity card to live the high life.

Financial Literacy

High Flyer

Obtain a diploma, a degree, and earn at least $8,000 (salary) a month.

Land on the Education tile to upgrade yourself and land on the Work tile to get a job.

Financial Literacy


Own a monopoly (2 businesses of the same colour).

Land on the Business tile to purchase a business.

Financial Literacy


Own at least $10,000 worth of stocks and at least $10,000 worth of bonds.

Scan the 'Stocks' and 'Bonds' opportunity card to invest.

National Cashflow Competition

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